Current Timetable



10.30am  -  MumFit Circuits,    6.00pm  -  Pose Barre,    

7.00pm  -  Pose Barre Flow,     8.00pm  -  Vinyasa Flow Yoga



9.30am  -  Pose Barre

6.10pm  -  Mat Pilates,     7.10pm Suspension Pilates

8.00pm - Mixed Level Adult Ballet (6 week course)



9.30am - Mat Pilates

6.00pm - Pregnancy Yoga (6 week course)

7.15pm  -  Wellbeing Yoga



9.30am  -  Pose Barre,     10.45am - MumFit Barre

3.40pm - 6.00pm - Pose Dance & Theatre School

7.00pm  -  Pose Barre

8.00pm  -  Advanced Adult Ballet (6 week course)



10.30am  -  MumFit Circuits


10.00am  -  Original Barre

11.00am  -  Mixed Level Adult Ballet (6 week course)



  10.00am  -  Hatha Yoga 


Learn correct postural technique, balance & strength from our ballet fitness experts.


A traditional class structure for flexibility, strength, balance & meditation.


A class consisting of low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. 



Burn calories and build functional strength with our fitness experts.



A ballet based fitness class that can be adapted for all fitness levels and capabilities. Barre is a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates moves that help to sculpt, tone and strengthen your muscles while teaching you correct posture and balance. Spend time perfecting your skills with a number of weekly scheduled classes at Pose. Suitable for complete beginners. (Barre socks must be worn)


This Barre class features a range of exercises using both traditional Barre techniques with suspension training. Using a series of straps attached to the original beams of the studio, gravity works with your body weight to produce resistance. The class is finished with a series of stretches using the trainers to deepen the stretch. An essential for anyone who’s looking to work on their core, build strength and develop flexibility. Only suitable for beginners that have some level of fitness. (Barre socks must be worn)


post-natal class which is open to parents with children of all ages. A great ballet inspired workout designed to create lean muscle and help strengthen core muscles. This class is perfect for parents who feel they are hunching while holding their children. Babies unable to walk are best in carriers. Toddlers and other children welcome to play and join in. Suitable for complete beginners. (Barre socks must be worn)

ADULT BALLET - Mixed Level & Advanced

Six weeks of developmental ballet for adults of any age and physical ability. Working on the barre and in the centre, with the traditional set up of a full ballet class, we will; learn standard moves to better your posture, musicality and even your Barre fitness technique.  (Ballet shoes must be worn, barre socks are okay for the first session)

Beginners - None to very little ballet experience

Beginners/Intermediate - Beginners welcomed but also suitable for those with ballet experience in their childhood or as an adult

Advanced - Minimum one year ballet experience recently or standard to a high level as a child


Combining breath with powerful movements, working your strength and flexibility in equal measure. Traditional yoga styles with a dynamic flow to raise your heart rate, and help your mental state alongside meditations help you to start or end your day right at Pose Fitness Studios. Suitable for beginners to yoga with some level of fitness.



An hour just for you in this gentle moving yet mindful based yoga class to relax and revitalise you for your week. A welcoming class to all levels and abilities including complete beginners.


Gentle yoga moving through poses dynamically to warm the body and mind. A welcoming class to all levels and abilities including complete beginners.


Congratulations you’re pregnant and embarking on a journey of change. Pregnancy yoga is ideal to support you and baby on the way. It will ease discomfort, aid relaxation, promote confidence and promote bonding with your baby. Breathing techniques will be offered to assist during labour. This class is suitable throughout all stages of pregnancy.



An exercise class consisting of low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasises proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Suitable for complete beginners.



The use of suspension trainers is a fun and challenging mix of strength, flexibility and Pilates moves.  You will balance and tone while improving your stability. Low impact movements also means you keep your body happy and injury free. Using straps, body weight and sheer determination, develop your core strength and posture with this class. Only suitable for beginners with some level of fitness (barre or grip socks must be worn)


A post-natal class for parents and little ones of any age. You will be taken through a range of exercises that will help get your pre-pregnancy body back using your child's weight to add resistance.. New mums will be supported in their rehabilitation from giving birth. This is a strength based circuit so trainers will be needed.



Sarah's passion for functional strength through dance based fitness shows through in her personal training with her clients. Programmes are personal to you, developing not only your fitness but also core strength and posture. Sarah specialises in pregnancy and post-natal fitness.

"Sarah is a great PT. Fabulous session this morning. Really impressed with Sarah's ability to read the body and create a workout that's tailored to individual needs."