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Keeping you moving this November at Pose!

What do the new lockdown measures mean for my class at Pose?...

Classes will continue to run until Wednesday. From Thursday, all classes will move online with some special new changes too!

How will I keep up with my Pose addiction during another lockdown?  Monthly members -  We will be continuing to offer classes every week for you to join under your membership. Any classes you join in lockdown will be charged at the online membership rate and you will receive a refund for the rest of your membership (see below). Class pass holders - All studio class passes will not be able to be used while we are closed. When joining us for an online class you will be given the option to purchase online class passes which are half the price of studio passes. If you have active studio passes then these will can be extended (see below).  Adult Dance Courses - Due to us having to miss the majority of all our adult dance courses at Pose in this next 6 week run, we have decided to postpone all courses to the week commencing 4th January 2021. DON'T PANIC!..... We will be offering 4 weekly short LIVE online classes that anyone can join to try them out during lockdown! Check them out in our below timetable. If you have purchased a course, please check out what the plan is below. 


What's happening online this November? Online timetable, on demand classes and drop in ballet classes!

Monday 6.30pm Pose Barre with Sarah (55) 7.40pm Contemporary Dance with Mary (30) 8.40pm Intermediate Ballet with Mary (30) Tuesday  9.30am Pose Barre with Sarah (55) 6pm Complete Beginners Ballet with Mary (30 mins) 7pm Mat Pilates with Lexi (55) Wednesday  6.30pm Pose Barre Flow with Ali P (55) 7.40pm Hatha Yoga with Amy (60) Thursday  9.30am Pose Barre with Jess (55) 7pm Pose Barre with Sarah (55) 8.10pm Advanced Ballet with Sarah (30 mins) Friday  7am Pose Barre with Sarah (55) Saturday  8.45am Hatha Yoga with Katherine (60) 10am Pose Barre with Ali P (55) Sunday  10am Hatha Yoga with Katherine (60) 11.15am Pose Barre with Katherine (55)


On Demand Just Got Better! Along with our LIVE online weekly classes, we are going to be offering a new selection of videos to you this month! Join our On Demand membership now for 7 days free and a NEW workout EVERY week through lockdown! As a special treat, these will include; Yoga, Pilates, Ballet and Stretch!  Get 7 days FREE now!


What will happen with my membership or classes I have purchased? If you have active payments with Pose, here are our options to welcome you back & ensure that you're anything you have purchased. 

Monthly members -  All payments will be continued so that you can continue to join us online if you would like to. When we re-open, if you have joined us online then we will refund 50% off your monthly fee (£34.50) back onto your account. If you have not joined us at all, we will refund the full amount (£69) to you when we re-open. If you want to cancel your membership then please let us know and we will do so. (Yearly member refunds will be given at £29.08 and £62.42.) Class pass holders -  All studio class passes will not be able to be used while we are closed. Our system cannot automate extending the expiration date of passes so please contact us by email ( after the 2nd November and we can extend your pass by an extra 6 weeks (as we will be moving into December, we will be giving you an extra two weeks to cover the Christmas period too). Dance Course Purchases -  Due to the fact that we will be missing 4 weeks of our 6 week dance courses, we have made the decision to postpone all courses to the week commencing 4th January 2021. We hope that this is suitable for you all and greatly appreciate your support in helping us to plan ahead and continue to bring you something a little special in your adult dance classes. If you are no longer able to make the course due to the date change then please contact us to arrange something more suitable for you.  Contact Us  >>


A note from Sarah...

I would just like to take a moment to thank you all for your continued support of Pose Fitness during this testing year. We will continue to try and inspire and grow with you over the next 4 weeks and I cannot wait to welcome you back to the studio again on the 2nd December!

Please stay safe, stay well and stay positive!

Sarah Celia Partington x

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