Meet Henna - our new Pilates teacher and dancer!

We LOVE this picture of Henna - the joy of pilates!

Pose Fitness has been on the hunt for the right Pilates teacher to join our team here since we started and we are overjoyed to announce that we have finally found the right one!

Henna trained as contemporary dancer in London and U.S and has been part of professional dance companies worldwide. Pilates was part of her training to support her dance technique and sustain elasticity of the muscles and to strengthen her core. Henna’s experience of human body and movement makes her classes unique.

Henna's dance technique and posture has been developed from her understanding of pilates and fitness.

She enjoys when clients make mind body connections and are discovering their ideal alignment through Pilates exercises. Her approach as a teacher supports the students to work on their own level and phase but still encouraging the improvements taken place by challenging everyone’s own ideal.

To give you all a taste of what her class is about we are offering a free taster on Tuesday 25th September from 6.30 to 7.30pm. Following our taster her class will be on the Pose Fitness timetable every week at the same time so you can come back for more!

Click here to book your free space now.

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