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mp4. Download Guide [Blu-ray] [DVD] - [Running Time: 116 min.] [Reference Link] "Judy Garland: The Lost Biography" Aptly titled, "Judy Garland: The Lost Biography" is a testament to one of the most prolific entertainers of the Twentieth Century and arguably one of the most influential figures in American culture. From James Stewart to Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland had a special place in the hearts of people from all around the world. During the early days of Hollywood, Judy Garland was the biggest box-office draw and the ultimate Sweetheart. When Judy Garland died in 1969, her career had lost its star quality and her life was viewed as tragic. While the sad story of Judy Garland is the subject of the documentary, "Judy: Portrait of a Queen" (Netflix, 2017), the stories of Garland's close family and friends reveal the heart and soul of the person behind the fabulous façade. The documentary, "Judy: Portrait of a Queen" is written, directed and produced by Canadian-born documentarian, Tara Donovan and co-directed by Australian-born editor-producer, Julie Kenneally. "Judy: Portrait of a Queen" gives us an insider look at the life of Judy Garland and a window into the world of her friends and family. We meet "Judy's" mother, the legendary, vaudeville singer, Lillian, and her father, vaudeville actor, Monty Norman, who, as a struggling husband and father, tried to make ends meet. Lillian soon found herself spiraling into depression and addiction, and it almost cost her and Monty the love of their lives. "Judy: Portrait of a Queen" shows us how Judy Garland escaped a life of homelessness, depression, addiction, abuse, and the scars that she bore from her troubled childhood. Judy's early life was filled with triumph and tragedy as she was expected to become a great actress, singer, and entertainer and tragically, became a woman who struggled with mental illness, substance abuse, and a host of other personal demons. "Judy: Portrait of a Queen" gives us a glimpse into the glittery world of Tinseltown, as we meet Lillian and Monty and their friends, the Marx Brothers, Ethel Merman, and other stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, to name




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