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Reformer Pilates class

reformer classes

Sculpt, tone and discover how your body moves through reformer movement

Small group reformer class
Small group reformer pilates class

What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates draws on the core principles of Joseph Pilates' system of a movement called "Contrology." Unlike its mat variation, Reformer Pilates is an exercise form that promotes core strength, alignment, and muscle strength and increases flexibility. It focuses on honing controlled, precise movements and breathing, connecting the body and mind.

The Reformer is a specifically designed piece of equipment with a gliding platform or ‘carriage’ attached by springs to the body of the Reformer and feet and hand hoops attached by ropes. These springs offer varying degrees of resistance, helping to increase workload or provide support depending on the exercise. 

We currently have four Fit Form Reformers at our studio. Our small group sessions and one-to-one classes ensure you can fully grasp the principles of reformer and get the most out of your experience. 

reformer pilates daventry

Reformer Pilates Wellness Studio In The Heart Of Northamptonshire

Benefit from a fantastic teaching team with various teaching experiences across different practices. For this reason, we have been able to develop our own unique reformer movement classes. 


From more traditional Pilates to dynamic yoga, ballet, and HIIT-inspired reformer movement courses, why not give it a go?

Each reformer class on our schedule offers unique elements, but all promise a controlled workout to target muscle groups. We currently provide one-off drop-in sessions or a variety of bundle reformer pass deals. Contact us if you are interested in one-to-one reformer training.


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