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yoga classes

Gentle Hatha to Dynamic Vinyasa we have yoga classes for all

Yoga In Weedon

Our Yoga Classes

 At Pose Fitness studio we have mixed ability Yoga classes to suit everyone. Our experienced teachers offer an inclusive mixed-level environment, allowing everyBODY to enjoy their practice on the mat. 


Realign and calm the body, mind, and spirit through gentle and restorative Hatha. Our Hatha Yoga classes are perfect beginner yoga classes to introduce you to the postures while also allowing more experienced yogi's to refine and turn inwards.


Stretch, unwind , improve your agility and find your own flow through our dynamic Vinyasa sessions. Our Vinyasa Yoga classes are a fast paced flow with a strong element of play and challenge for all. We alternate between Rocket Yoga and Mandala Vinyasa classes, promising you variety to every class you join.

Yoga Classes in Weedon

Yoga Workshops

Ever wanted to take the first steps towards your first  headstand or perhaps you are looking to take your yoga inversions to the next level? How about a relieving tension and improving flexibility on a yoga wheel?


Then keep an eye out for our regular yoga workshops with Katherine and Abi. 


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