meet the team...

Our enthusiastic fitness team boast a vast array of experience and skills to help you achieve your best results whatever they may be.


Sarah has always had a passion for health and fitness from her early days at the ballet barre to her more recent lifestyle change of becoming a mummy.


Sarah is a fully qualified personal trainer and group instructor specialising in ante and post-natal fitness. With her background in ballet, it has become her mission to correct as many postures and help as many people with their exercise technique as possible. 

In opening Pose Fitness, it was Sarah's dream to bring ballet fitness and core strength work to the centre of training and change minds and bodies
for the long term!


Popping in to the studio? Then you will no doubt meet our lovely studio supervisor, PT and class instructor, Jenny. 

Jenny first discovered Pose Fitness Studios  on her own personal fitness and development 
journey and was quickly drawn in by the energy and atmosphere.  


A  Personal Trainer for many years with vast experience in strength training (weightlifting) she now offers  this on a
1-2-1 basis here at Pose . 

You can also  join her once a week for Reformer and PoseFit. 



A passionate YOGI having practiced for over 15 years herself led our lovely Katherine to pursue her yoga foundation teaching course with Inner Healing. Ever the student she has progressed to advanced teacher training and Yoga with Therapy.

She adores drawing on the traditional and ancient practices, Pranayama (breath extension) and Mudras (energy seals) and making them easily accessible and relevant to the modern world.  


Flow through sequences of Asanas (postures) working with the mind, body, breath and spirit in her gently paced Hatha style classes which are suitable
for all levels. 

Katherine also teaches Reformer movement, Pose Barre and has a newfound love for Ballet.



Meet our fabulous BTDA registered ballet instructor, the incredibly talented Mary. 


Mary has a first class honours degree in contemporary dance, runs a successful dance school for younger students in Northampton and lectures in Ballet and Contact Improvisation at the University of Northampton. Thank goodness she still has time for us! 

No matter your level, beginner to advanced, Mary's courses and workshops will certainly give you the skills and passion to channel your inner ballerina.


Becca is our Ashtanga / Vinyasa style Yoga Instructor. She is also trained in wheel and rocket yoga. She often runs a workshop or two which are always worth
looking out for. 

Following the completion of her Yoga training in London, Becca attended a few Pose Barre classes at the studio and fell in love! She is now an official Pose Barre instructor and also teaches
Reformer movement classes

 (when she isn't busy growing veg in her garden or walking her Labrador Maisie)



Our resident musical theatre connoisseur and actress, at the age of 4 Ali made the tough choice between  trapeze artist or ballerina. Her fear of heights made the decision easy and ballet it was!

Dance was her passion until 11 years old when she compleemented this with acting!Oxford College and then a top London drama school followed by a career in this area, teaching aerobics, jazz dance and water aerobics on the side.

Drawing on her Ballet roots you can meet Ali at the Barre and centre stage. She teaches both Pose Barre and Pose Barre Flow. Be sure to keep an eye out for her musical theatre dance workshops! 

Ali Pose Barre and Flow teacher.jpg


Introducing Lexi! She is our Future Fit trained Level 3 Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates  teacher. She is specialised in common orthopaedics, pre and postnatal Pilates which means she really has your back!

She has years of experience and bags of enthusiasm. She always offers lots of options and modifications in her classes to ensure that everyone can work to the best of their own ability.  

Our Pilates studio pup is also a
fan of her classes. 


Well we couldn't resist the opportunity to introduce you to our Pose Fitness pup, the lovable, fluff ball that is Luna.

She is passionate about fuss, loves chasing a ball and indulging in a treat or too.

(Can we blame her?)

You will often see her 'taking part'  on our social media channels.  


From time to time will be greeted by her wagging tail when you come in to our studio for a class.

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