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meet the team...

Our enthusiastic fitness team boasts vast experience and skills to help you achieve your best results, whatever they may be.


A passionate YOGI, having practiced for over 15 years, led our lovely Katherine to pursue her yoga foundation teaching course with Inner Healing. Ever since she was a student, she has progressed to advanced teacher training and Yoga with Therapy.

She adores drawing on the traditional and ancient practices, Pranayama (breath extension) and Mudras (energy seals), and making them easily accessible and relevant to the modern world.  


Flow through sequences of Asanas (postures) working with the mind, body, breath, and spirit in her gently paced Hatha style classes suitable for all levels. 

Katherine also teaches the Reformer movement, Pose Barre, and has a newfound love for Ballet.



Our resident musical theatre connoisseur and actress, at the age of 4, Ali, made the tough choice between trapeze artist or ballerina. Her fear of heights made the decision easy, and ballet it was!

Dance was her passion until she was 11 years old when she completed this with acting! Oxford College and then a top London drama school, followed by a career in this area, teaching aerobics, jazz dance, and water aerobics on the side.

Drawing on her Ballet roots, you can meet Ali at the Barre and centre stage. She teaches both Pose Barre and Pose Barre Flow. Be sure to keep an eye out for her musical theatre dance workshops! 

Ali Pose Barre and Flow teacher.jpg


Abi has practiced yoga for over ten years and has traveled the world, one yoga shala at a time!

After several years in Bali, she finally took the plunge and completed a 300-hour foundation course in the UK.

Abi brings traditional elements into each class, drawing on natural elements for inspiration. You can expect flowing asanas, revitalizing pranayama, and oms in each of Abi's classes.

You can join Abi on the Reformer for strength training and a good stretchout.

Abi offers 121 bespoke yoga sessions, a nurturing element to her teaching style. These are perfect for anyone on a recovery road or therapy route or who needs more specific guidance.


Amy, a dedicated Pilates instructor trained in exercise referral and yoga, specialises in guiding adults through transformative health experiences.


Her focus extends to individuals coping with work-related stress, older adults, and those with physical and mental disabilities. With academic credentials in Counselling and Health Psychology, Amy draws on her experience within the NHS and community, emphasising her expertise in Pilates to facilitate both physical and psychological improvements.


Amy's comprehensive background uniquely positions her to guide clients on a journey of transformation using the principles of Pilates.


Our in-house ballerina!


Verity graduated from Central School of Ballet in 2022, where she trained in multiple dance genres, with a BA (Hons) in Professional Dance and Performance. 

While wanting to maintain her fitness and continue participating in ballet, Verity discovered Pose and soon joined the team.

You can find Verity teaching ballet at the studio on Mondays and Thursdays. She steps into the realm of barre classes, too!



Dianne is originally from South Africa and is a qualified and practicing lawyer. She decided to travel with the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Series, which led her to move to Salzburg, Austria, before moving to the UK.

Dianne has a varied background in multiple sports, including athletics, tennis, rowing, squash, and field hockey. While studying at university and playing competitive field hockey, she began pilates back in 2004. The journey began for both strength and sports injury rehabilitation, having suffered from numerous injuries.  

In 2021, Dianne decided to start her journey as a Pilates instructor and hopes to share her experience with clients to help them build strength for longevity and freedom of movement.



Bette has been dancing since she was three years old, and it's been a passion ever since! Studying dance through school and then through dance college, Bette then graduated from the University of Bedfordshire in Dance and Professional Practice (BA Hons). Here, she studied multiple dance genres with first-class honours, winning an award for her dissertation on psychological disorders dancers, both professional and student dancers.


Bette was given the scholarship to study for an MSC master's degree in Dance Science, where she studied psychology, biomechanics, physiology, and performance psychology. She graduated in 2020.  

Bette has been involved in community dance projects for schools and older adults. She has also toured with a hip-hop fusion company from the University, performing and teaching workshops. She has taught children street dance, commercial dance, and baby ballet. It's here she found her love for dance fitness and started out teaching dance fitness to adults and older adults. Let's cue Pose Barre, and the rest is history!

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