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Props are regularly used in class for added benefits

pose barre

Learn about our signature barre class and all its versions

Pose barre led by qualified instructors

Pose Barre

Pose Barre is our signature ballet based fitness class, choreographed and idealised by our founder at Pose Fitness Studios, Sarah Celia Partington. 

A combination of ballet, yoga, and pilates, it is an enjoyable exercise for music class that helps to sculpt, tone, and strengthen your muscles while helping to teach you about correct posture and improving balance.


No tutus or experience in ballet is necessary!  Pose Barre is the ultimate toning and bodyweight workout for everybody. It can be adapted for all fitness levels and capabilities. Spend time perfecting your skills with several weekly scheduled classes.

About Pose Barre Classes

Pose Barre Flow

Pose Flow is our floor and mat-based barre class where movement combines with deep stretching. Based on traditional ballet workout moves recommended by leading dance companies worldwide. It is suitable for complete beginners.

These classes incorporate dance choreography with isometric exercises to build strength and stability in a unique environment away from the gym!

You can train to teach pose barre with us


Looking to expand your teaching repertoire?
You can train to be a poser just like us!

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