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A fit woman using a resistance band in a pilates exercise

pose fitness on demand

A fit woman using a pilates ball and a ballet barre for exercise

 with pose on demand you can reach your goals faster by adding at home workouts to your studio routine

What's Included...
FREE 7 day trial
Just £10 a month - cancel anytime
Unlimited on demand access to our growing workout library


I'm Sarah Celia P and I LOVE Barre! In fact I love it so much I have created a whole teacher training platform to help as many people get to the Barre as possible.


One of the other ways I help everyone Barre is through this easy to access programme that supports all levels of fitness with short, intense workouts that you can do with or without equipment. So join me at the Barre with our FREE 7 day trial now..."

A fit woman in a plie at a ballet barre in a bright fitness studio

free for 7 days

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