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Let's Talk About Barre Socks...

For those of you who are yet to try a Barre class, you might be thinking... what are Barre socks and why would I need them?

So, to give you a super quick read on what they are and why we ask you to wear them for every Barre class at Pose Fitness, here are some facts....

1. Barre socks are exactly the same as yoga or pilates socks which are cotton slip on socks that have tiny rubber dots or pads under them to help you grip the floor under you.

2. When taking a ballet class we wear ballet shoes to ensure that we can move freely and safely from slipping and catching our toes. Though we don't create full ballet moves in Barre, the basic principle is the same. Therefore we ask you to wear a thinner and less expensive version known as a barre sock.

3. You do not have to purchase your barre socks from Pose Fitness (though we do think ours are rather pretty!) You can bring your own version as long as they have rubber grip pads that are not worn away.

Now you know all about them...why not take a look at ours in our online shop....


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