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Pointing Toes In Barre Classes

Never underestimate the footwork we do in Pose Barre. Pointing our toes is a key principle we are always reminding our clients about throughout class, and this is why.

Pointing toes in barre and ballet classes

Think of your normal day’s activities, from the moment you get up to going to bed… Any time you can think of that you point your feet?


Didn’t think so...and so, like any lesser used body movement, it benefits from strengthening.

A movement unique to dance, pointing the foot requires not just the toes but the entire foot. It also engages the calf and quadriceps, working the whole leg. To point is not just to scrunch the toes over!

How To Point Your Toes

The technique is fairly simple but still needs concentration.

Start with a flexed foot and then push the ball of the foot away and down, as if a rubber ball needs to be pressed down. As the arch of the foot engages and the top of the foot stretches, extend the toes as if pointing towards something.

The entire foot is at work now and you should also feel the calf and quad muscles engaged.

Oh yes! The pointed foot is a workout just in itself.

Why Do We Point Our Toes?

Pointing the toes is an essential technique in ballet and barre classes. Here are some of the reasons why...

Alignment and Posture

Foot Strength and Control

Extension and Leg Line

Technique and Execution

Aesthetic Appeal

In ballet and barre classes, the focus on pointing the toes is aimed at developing the strength, alignment, and aesthetic quality necessary for classical ballet technique. It is an ongoing practice that professional dancers continually refine and perfect throughout their training and careers.

Cramp When Pointing Toes In Barre!?

We need to warm the foot up, just as with the rest of the body. Like any unused or cold muscle, cramp can hit and be a barrier to further movement.

There are several options to combat cramp if it hits during the pointing of the foot: make sure your shoes or socks are not too tight, flex the foot and gently press the toes into the floor at their natural angle, or simply wriggle the toes and circle the ankle gently before going back through the exercise.

Here at Pose we have little additional helpers: Have you seen our booties and barre socks? They keep the feet warm as we start class and really help prevent cramping as we go through our warmups.

Since wearing them I have found I get zero cramping and my feet no longer object to pointing quickly! They have been amazing.

Interested in purchasing some booties or barre socks of your own? Click on the link below. In the meantime, happy pointing!


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 21, 2023

Great read - thanks for sharing! I always end up cramping in one foot when I point my toes too quickly (odd that it's only the one foot though). I'll keep some of your tips in mind.

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