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What Is Barre All About?

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Barre is a popular workout program rapidly gaining recognition due to its muscle fatiguing movements that strengthen the legs, open the hips and re-align the posture.

It's a workout for everyone! From beginners to the advanced, it will work you hard and develop your body. Age, body type and gender are not important as everyone will have both strengths and weaknesses to work on! If you're in a desk based job, struggling with lower back pain, or wanting a workout that is inclusive to beginners then come and try a class.

Regular barre workouts can increase your bone density, which can help prevent conditions like osteoporosis. They can also help you avoid injury. The small isometric muscle movements used during barre classes build muscle strength without putting a strain on ligaments and tendons like other fitness training methods can. In fact, whatever your fitness discipline, a little ballet training has been known to improve it. You only need to google Rio Ferdinand's past and his opinion on the matter!

A woman in a barre class

What happens in a Barre class?

1. On entering the studio you can make yourself and home and get prepped for the class ahead by putting on your Barre socks and selecting your space at the Barre.

2. As class begins we move to a centre space where we warm the whole body from the toes to the wrists.

3. Throughout class a selection of hand weights, resistance bands and other equipment is used to increase and fasten muscle fatigue.

4. Once Barre work has been completed, class is finished with a selection of mat based core exercises and stretching to develop flexibility.

5. Bring out your inner ballerina with the reverence which is a bow or curtsey in thanks and respect to the ballet traditions.

Stretching in a barre class

Now for a little Q & A.....

Do I need ballet training to come to class?

Not at all! All ballet positions and moves are instructed clearly in class, allowing you to learn correct posture.

Can men come to Barre classes?

Absolutely! In fact Barre has shown to improve mens health in many ways and work specific muscle groups that can sometimes be forgotten in other fitness training.

What do I wear?

Gym clothing is the best option for class so that you have flexibility to move. We are in a very old building so always best to bring a jumper in the winter months for our cool down. Then all you need is your Barre socks and you're ready for class!

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