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Using Dance Choreography In Pose Barre

Dancing For Health

Did you know that Pose Barre combines ballet with yoga and Pilates? Pose Barre is a unique group exercise class that gives an entirely different experience than any traditional gym workout.

Two dancers in choreography gym class

Ballet brings grace and form to the movements, asking for precision in every body part. This is at the core of Pose Barre classes, from pointing toes and long lines to placing arms with control.

There are an array of benefits of adding ballet to a barre class. Discover what Barre is all about and why you should learn ballet as an adult by joining us for a class.

One of the most interesting fundamentals behind our Pose Barre and Pose Barre Flow classes is the choreography aspect.

What Is Choreography and Why Is It Important?

Choreography refers to the sequence or steps used by dancers. It is a fundamental part of ballet and a core aspect of our Pose Barre classes.

Why? Here are just a few reasons why we believe using choreography in class is essential:

  1. Cognitive challenge

  2. Boosts memory, focus, and coordination

  3. Improves confidence

  4. Creates a community in class

  5. Emotional connection

Cognitive Challenge

Throughout a Pose Barre or Pose Barre Flow class, we constantly give our brain a workout along with the body. In a class, you will be asked to differentiate between right and left, making one side of the body support the other.

At times, this works muscles while the body is balancing. We then may cue a movement change on specific counts without compromising technique.

That's a lot to think about and for the brain to process.

Memory, Focus, and Coordination

Adding choreography helps boost memory with regular practice. Over time, our neural pathways get stronger, like a muscle being worked out.

Using sequences encourages synchronised movements within a specific space. You will begin to notice an improvement in focus and coordination. All of this can help with increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Creating a Community

Choreography involves a deep social interaction between instructor and student to teach and lead the steps. The group is also in a learning process together, tying in the individual and group experiences.

There is always a strong sense of wellbeing and community within our classes. We are in it together, literally every step of the way.

Emotional Connection

It also goes without saying that music's power can directly connect to our emotions. When used well and sensitively, choreography can be incredibly uplifting and mood-enhancing. 

After all, who doesn't love a banging track to move their body with?!

How We Choose Our Choreography For Class

When we choreograph and design a new Pose Barre or Pose Barre Flow track, we aim to always incorporate all of the above into the movement.

First and foremost, we want it to work the specific muscle group correctly and efficiently. We want the exercise to be challenging without being impossible while also being presented in a fun and creative way.

Next, we consider levels. There needs to be adaptations and progressions to the move through which a student can continue to repeat or progress. Progressions not only increase fitness and strength but also confidence and motivation.

And, of course, there has to be a solid cognitive element to the track. We aspire to create the feeling of not just mindlessly following a move but creating a dance within each component and exercise. This joins a focused mind with the physical flow of the body to the music, giving a sense of accomplishment physically, mentally, and creatively. 

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