You don't need equipment to take class at home! Want to know more?...

Updated: Apr 1

You don't need any equipment to do our online class but if you want some you have a few options....

If you would like to join us on the mat then you can get your very own Pose Fitness one here -

Re: our live streaming classes, hand weights are the most beneficial equipment to have. If you don't have these, some household alternatives are:

  • water or other small bottles filled with water or sand- of same weight.

  • tinned food of -same weight.

  • Small bag of flour/sugar (wrapped securely!) -of same weight.

  • Books -of same weight.

For our regulars: The yellow weights are 0.5kg, pink are 1kg, purple are 1.5kg!

For ballet and barre a chair is absolutely fine, or a window sill or kitchen counter!

We thank you for your continued support, and very much look forward to seeing your lovely faces on screen!


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