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Pregnancy Yoga Benefits

Yoga has been around for centuries but it seems that we've recently seen a rise in people making it a vital part of their exercise regime.... and so they should! Research has proven time and time again that yoga benefits and helps aid many ailments from depression to diabetes. 

An area where the benefits are endless is during pregnancy. Not only does it help throughout your pregnancy with stress relief and maintaining strength but it prepares your body and breath for delivery. Breathing exercises practiced during a weekly yoga class while pregnant are more grounded into the body to be used when most needed in labour. 

Along with the breathing benefits, that are a key aid in stress relief, pre-natal yoga supports strength in the hips and pelvic floor and helps to maintain strong posture. The pelvic floor and hips go through a lot during pregnancy and child birth so maintaining as much strength as possible will help with rehabilitation after your baby is born. Weaknesses in the abdominals and your baby bump both contribute to a centre of gravity change and can result in hyperlordosis (a curve in the base of the spine). Practicing yoga can help to reduce this and avoid lower back pain. 

Classes are at 6pm every Wednesday with Nicky at Pose Fitness Studio

Here comes the lovely Nicky Hall to the rescue girls! Nicky is a fully qualified and experienced pregnancy, baby massage and baby yoga teacher who is passionate about the benefits of yoga in delivery. She has a :BA (hons) in Human Psychology, MA Social Work CQSW and as spent over 20 years delivering holistic support packages to children and families. On top of all of that she is a specialist in emotional health, coping skills and anxiety management. Nicky loves supporting her clients through yoga and developing all you can obtain from it - "Life has its tests and trials but learning to connect and breathe better will help." #lovethiswoman 

Our beautiful new pregnancy yoga teacher, Nicky Hall

Nicky's pregnancy yoga class is held every Wednesday at Pose Fitness from 6-7pm. 

We hope to see you at the studio to try it out very soon. 

Namaste x

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